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Build your book of business with the world's most famous life policy

Life Insurance Overview

In 2014 the Global Wealth Fund purchased the famous indexed univeral life insurance company Sterling Pacific Financial.  Incorporated in 1907, this company was a ground-breaker at the turn of the century.

Keeping the innovative spirit alive, the Global Wealth Fund harnessed the power of cryptocurrency in 2014 to update the traditional IUL and released the Principatus Wealth Builder Life Insurance Policy, first to clients in the Middle East and Africa.  By 2019 the policy was available around the world.

As the only policy that pays both an income and wealth benefit, our Wealth Builder Life Insurance Policy can be customized for your local market and specific clients.

Franchise Fee:

Income Potential:
$1,000,000 to $500,000,000 /year

Ramp Up Time:
30 days

Annual Fee:
Greater 1% or $100,000

How Corliss Supports Your Franchise

Corliss Global will provide the following resources:

(1) A complete Wealth Builder Life Insurance policy suite, which includes (a) licensed product, (b) product treasury managemnet ,(c) annuity reporting & management, (d) claims processing and (e) benefits payout processing

(2) A fully featured website that is customized to your brand and clientele

(3) A fully automated client service system including new account signups, policy design, policy purchase, policy funding and benefits payouts

(4) A complete backend office for easy administrative management

A Franchisee should:

(1) Develop a brand identity including logo & website color scheme

(2) Identify a specific potential client segment

(3) Develop a marketing plan to acquire new clients

(4) Develop a client retention plan

(5) Possess fundamental knowledge of (a) indexed life insurance and (b) customer support skills

Pre Ramp Up:
-Develop & explore relationship between Corliss Global & Franchisee
-Client signs Franchise Agreement

Day 1:
-Execute Franchise Agreement ($125,000 paid at time of execution)

Days 2 - 21:
-Corliss Global builds franchise website, product catalog, support resource documentation, treasury management structure & reporting facilities

Days 22 - 30:
-Client reviews website, products, reports & treasury management system
-Edits/changes made by Corliss Global
-Client signs Franchise Acceptance Declaration ($125,000 paid at time of signature)

Immediately Following Franchise Acceptance Declaration:
-Franchise opens for business

A Franchisee shall be responsible to pay Corliss Global the following fee on the anniversary date of the franchise:
The greater of $100,000 or 1.000% of agency profit earned

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