Hedge Fund

Build your own Bitcoin-based hedge fund that offers reliable returns & excellent historical results

Hedge Fund Overview

A Hedge Fund franchise is your opportunity to build a fully-featured Bitcoin retail trading desk that earns 35% (compounded) Return on Equity or better each year.

Our Hedge Fund franchises are managed by Wall Street professionals using proprietary industry-grade automated high frequency trade software.  Franchisees are not responsible for trade operations.  They are responsible to develop a brand and to solicit investors or members.

Our Hedge Fund franchises can service your clients using cryptocurrency, ACH bank wires, PayPal transactions, credit/debit card payments and ATM-based cash deposits.

Franchise Fee:

Income Potential:
$250,000 to $100,000,000 /year

Ramp Up Time:
30 days

Annual Fee:
Greater 1% or $50,000

How Corliss Supports Your Franchise

Corliss Global will provide the following resources:

(1) A fully featured website that features your brand

(2) Complete treasury management including automatic deposits & redemptions

(3) 24/7 trade operation using our proprietary high frequency trade platform

(4) Prime brokerage access to relevant exchanges

(5) Complete reporting (10 and 30 days) with verifiable and auditable results

A Franchisee should:

(1) Develop a brand identity including logo & website color scheme

(2) Identify a specific potential client segment

(3) Develop a marketing plan to acquire new clients

(4) Develop a client retention plan

(5) Possess fundamental knowledge of (a) hedge funds, (b) Bitcoin trading, (c) market making, and (d) customer support skills

Pre Ramp Up:
-Develop & explore relationship between Corliss Global & Franchisee
-Client signs Franchise Agreement

Day 1:
-Execute Franchise Agreement ($10,000 paid at time of execution)

Days 2 - 21:
-Corliss Global builds franchise website, treasury management structure & reporting facilities

Days 22 - 30:
-Client reviews website, reports & treasury management paperwork
-Edits/changes made by Corliss Global
-Client signs Franchise Acceptance Declaration ($15,000 paid at time of signature)

Immediately Following Franchise Acceptance Declaration:
-Franchise opens for business

A Franchisee shall be responsible to pay Corliss Global the following fee on the anniversary date of the franchise:
The greater of $25,000 or 1.000% of agency profit earned

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