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An Intro to Franchising

A franchise is your opportunity to re-brand the technology & operating platforms of the
Global Wealth Fund as your own.

Rather than worry about building your infrastructure, licensing, technology, workflow, etc,
a franchise provides a tested turn-key opportunity to grow your own customer base.

Corliss Global Franchisees work closely with our staff to open their franchise in
3-4 weeks.  At the end of the process, the Franchisee will have a fully-functioning &
licensed entity that operates within the Global Wealth Fund's global financial system.

We offer franchises of the following types of enterprises:

(1) Hedge Fund

(2) ATM

(3) Consumer Banking

(4) Life Insurance

(5) Bitcoin FX Trading

(6) Bitcoin Debit Card

To learn more about these enterprises, check out our Available to Franchise section below.

Our franchises offer you the opportunity to earn significant income.  Here is a list of projected annual income by franchise type:

(1) Hedge Fund: $100K - $100M+

(2) ATM: $50K - $500M+

(3) Consumer Banking: $100M - $500M+

(4) Life Insurance: $1M - $500M+

(5) Bitcoin FX Trading: $100K - $5M+

(6) Bitcoin Debit Card: $100K - $25M+

*Note: your profit will depend on your marketing strategy & success

Opening a franchise is a simple process:

(1) Complete our intake form to express your interest.  Be sure to provide the
best possible impression of you/your company, as we receive hundreds of
franchise requests each year.

(2) Our intake team will contact you for a brief interview so that we may
begin to know you.  During this interview, we will discuss your interest &
explore the possibilities of your franchise.

(3) Complete any preparation and diligence tasks, including (in some cases):
(a) establishing a company, (b) opening a bank account, (c) building a website,
or (d) hiring staff.

(4) We will prepare a franchise agreement, which is ready to be signed after
any preparation and diligence tasks are complete.

(5) You will pay any applicable franchise fees after the franchise agreement is

(6) Your franchise opens for business & you begin earning profit.  We will
continue to provide support and daily operational support for the entire
duration of your franchise.  Your success is our success.

Opening a franchise may require a fee to be paid in order to secure the intellectual property and/or
operating rights to the technology and operating systems of the Global Wealth Fund.  While this
amount will be insignificant, when compared to the income potential of your franchise, you will
be responsible to invest your own money or to raise investors to cover this fee.

The average cost of opening a franchise is:

(1) Hedge Fund: $50,000 USD

(2) ATM: Free

(3) Consumer Banking: $250,000 USD

(4) Life Insurance: $250,000 USD

(5) Bitcoin FX Trading: $25,000 USD

(6) Bitcoin Debit Card: $25,000 USD

Corliss Global succeeds when you succeed.  To achieve this, we provide the following services:

(1) Franchise feasibility study, design, construction & opening.

(2) On-going daily operation and ensuring your products are performing within expectations.

(3) Regular audits, progress reporting & administrative review.

(4) Conflict mediation (if required).

(5) Formal requests and communications to the Global Wealth Fund.

Available to Franchise

Hedge Fund

Operate your own Bitcoin-based hedge fund that generates annual ROE above 35%.


Earn 1% of transactions processed by existing Global Wealth Fund companies.

Consumer Banking

Operate your own consumer retail bank, including savings accounts & debit cards.

Life Insurance

Brand your own Wealth Builder Life Insurance Policy (provided in the USA since 1907).

Bitcoin FX Trading

Brand your own Bitcoin trading bot software & sell subscriptions to online clients.

Bitcoin Debit Card

Brand your own anonymous prepaid VISA debit card that can be funded with Bitcoin.

Income, Benefits & Requirements


Min #Staff
at Launch
Cost & Time
Hedge Fund$250K - 
1 $50K
30 Days
1% or $50K
ATM$50K -
1 Optional Optional $10K
30-60 Days
Consumer Banking$1M - 
2 $250K
60-90 Days
1% or $100K
Life Insurance $1M - 
2 $250K
30 Days
1% or $100K
Bitcoin FX Trading$100K -
1 $25K
30 Days
1% or $25K
Bitcoin Debit Card$250K - 
1 $50K
30 Days
1% or $50K

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