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Help us expand our network & we'll share 1% of our multi-billion dollar business with you

ATM Overview

Owning a Global Wealth Fund ATM is your opportunity to provide payment processing services to existing clients of GWF properties including Privato Bank, the Templar Fund, Principatus Life, Simple Savings and CryptoCard.

The Franchisee will be delivered 1 state of the art automated teller machine that is already integrated into our network.  He/she will place the machine and will enjoy earning a 1% fee on all transactions processed by the machine.

The Franchisee is responsibile for the maintenance and cash servicing of his/her ATM.  Additionally, the Franchisee shall own, free and clear, the ATM and may promote it to the general public, as it is capable of providing OTC bitcoin sales to non-GWF clients.

Franchise Fee:
$10,000 /machine

Income Potential:
$50,000 to
$5,000,000+ /year

Ramp Up Time:
30-60 Days

Annual Fee:

How Corliss Supports Your Franchise

Corliss Global will provide the following resources:

(1) One state of the art automated teller machine that is pre-programmed to work with our entire corporate portfolio

(2) A complete reporting and treasury management system for you to manage your ATM

(3) Advertising to all portfolio clients in order to promote the use of your machine

(4) 24/7 technical & treasury support in the event of an issue and/or service disruption

(5) Marketing materials to promote the general public's use of your ATM

A Francisee should:

(1) Have ownership of or legal use of an indoor public location to place his/her ATM that can provide (a) electricity, (b) internet and (c) reasonable security

(2) Be verified to at least the intermediate level on the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange in order to process crypto-to-cash treasury functions

(3) Have a bank account connected to the Kraken exchange that is tested & functional

(4) Have at least $20,000 in available working capital for machine daily operation

Pre Ramp Up:
-Develop & explore relationship between Corliss Global & Franchisee
-Client signs Franchise Agreement

Day 1:
-Execute Franchise Agreement ($10,000 per machine paid at time of execution)

Days 2 - 60:
-ATM is constructed & delivered to Franchisee location
-Franchisee receives guided training on the operation of ATM
-Client signs Franchise Acceptance Declaration
-Corliss Global announces upcoming location to all local clients

Immediately Following Franchise Acceptance Declaration:
-ATM is functional and open for business

There are no annual costs to be paid.  Franchisee owns machine without burden or debt.

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