We are the gateway to the Global Wealth Fund

Corliss Global is the only publicly-accessible entity with access to the opportunties afforded by the Global Wealth Fund.  Want to participate in building the financial system of the future?  Corliss Global is your one-stop resource to working with the technology offered by the exclusive and powerful Global Wealth Fund.

We are experts in building financial enterprises 

Our team has decades of experience in building financial service enterprises including hedge funds, retail trade & exchange platforms, private & investment banking, debit cards & merchant services.  We'll use our expertise to simplify the franchising & sales process because ultimately, your success becomes our success.  We're with you all the way up.

We are ready to partner with you for success

Our goal is simple: to build as many successful brokers & franchisees as possible so that we may share in their success.  We will go the distance & do what it takes to help you become successful.  Our staff is resourceful, experienced & always on-call to support your broker or franchise venture.

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We want you to build generational wealth for your family.  Visit us  to learn more.

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